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About Us

My name is Kyle McCann and I'm the founder of Life of Liberty Apparel. I started building Life of Liberty Apparel in 2020 because of where I was at in life. I was working in Law Enforcement at that time and with each passing day, I was losing my passion for the job. 

I wanted more out of life for me and my family. I wanted to discover what I was truly passionate about and do something each day that I was excited about and proud of. I wanted to start living life on my own terms and not anyone else's.

That sparked my passion for designing motivational and inspirational shirts. As I started printing the shirts for myself to wear every day, I found more and more people loving the meaning behind them, resonating with the words, and wanting one for themselves.  

So, at the start of 2021, I went all in on Life of Liberty Apparel, which is what you see today! Our small but mighty crew works tirelessly and each one of us has a passion to spread that burning desire in life to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!

I design and print every shirt in my home and press the shirts myself, with my wife, Meghan, who helps handle fulfillment and all the other "behind-the-scenes" tasks that keeps this engine running. We are truly a family-run business.

Our family is honored to have you here and we are passionate about serving you, inspiring you to live a Life of Liberty!